Antonio Brown Issues an Apology to Robert Kraft + Patriots

Antonio Brown Issues an Apology to Robert Kraft + Patriots

Antonio Brown issues an apology to Robert Kraft and the Patriots!

On Tuesday, Antonio Brown decided to take a bite of some humble pie and apologize to Robert Kraft with an Instagram post. Read on to get the details on the Antonio Brown apology… reports that free agent Antonio Brown has been out of work for nearly two months since the Patriots cut him back in September.

Antonio Brown, 31, after he was hired by the Patriots, he faced major scandal with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, including rape.

An investigation by the league has since been launched against AB, but it appears he is hoping to change that and get his career back.

In an attempt to make amends Brown took to Instagram posting and apology that was met with multiple “likes” from current Patriots.

Since the apology, everyone thinks WR coming back to Patriots after Brown apologizes to Robert Kraft.

What do you think about the Antonio Brown apology?

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