Boxing Legend Tommy Morrison Enters Crypto

Boxing Legend Tommy Morrison Enters Crypto

Tommy Morrison is one of the best heavyweights in boxing history.

In 1988, Morrison kicked off his career with a stellar win knocking out William Muhammad in New York City in the first round. Within weeks, 20 days to be exact, Tommy did it again and scored another first-round knockout win in boxing.

Boxing Legend Tommy Morrison Enters CryptoThe Gravette, Arkansas native was an unstoppable one of a kind heavyweight boxer. He had a mean left hook and a presence that was undeniable. Tommy Morrison was on the road to success.

The following year, Tommy Morrison had 19 wins, 15 by knockout. He instantly earned the name “The Great White Hope” and “The Duke” for many boxing fans. He was becoming a top contender fast, and in 1993 he held the WBO heavyweight title.

Tommy was known for his power-packed punches that would make a man drop from impact. In 93 he fought George Foreman, the fight was titled the “Star-Spangled Battle,” it was a night of great boxing. “The Duke” was the victor by unanimous decision after a 12-round battle.

In 1995, Morrison (44-2-1, 38 KOs) faced off with Donovan “Razor” Ruddock. Both men equal since they both were power punchers with mean left hooks. It was dubbed a night of “Raw Power” in which Tommy was the victor of the bout. That same year he was a contender to fight Mike Tyson.

Tommy Morrison had undisputable strength, self-assured and when he stepped in the ring everyone was paid attention to him.

That is why Sylvester Stallone cast him as Tommy Gun in Rocky V. Morrison is just one of many boxers that will be featured in the upcoming Crypto Boxers video game.

Crypto Boxer Mobile Theme which is available on a weblink. So, access will be quicker, easier and more accessible no matter where. You’ll be able to jump in the ring and fight as one of your favorite boxers and win prizes. That’s right, Crypto Boxer apparently to be the game of today and tomorrow. I guess the present and the future. Being unlike any video game we’ve ever experienced so far.

I mean yes you can play and win. But not to the level of playing cards, and real athletes and communities for the fans of the players. Plus, the capability to play it anywhere and win prize money from your fight in cryptocurrency (Ethereum). It seems like a way for all to win in this game to me. Looking thru the Crypto Boxers Mobile Theme it shows other professional athletes’ access to sign up to be in the game and earn a residual on their own brand character. This way, fans, and game players can purchase, own, fight, trade or sell.

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This is the new generation of video game players and Crypto Boxers is taking you there starting off with a legend like Tommy Morrison is a great way to enter the crypto ring.

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