Cowboys Dak Prescott Wants Patrick Mahomes Money

Cowboys Dak Prescott Wants Patrick Mahomes Deal

Cowboys Dak Prescott Wants Patrick Mahomes Money!

Apparently Dallas Cowboys’ star quarterback Dak Prescott reportedly wants the NFL side to offer him a long-term deal like Russell Wilson. Russ is NOT the best example these days since he is NOT liking the Seahawks.

However, Dak wants what Patrick Mahomes got, something like a 10-year contract extension and right around the same amount of $503 million. That what Mahomes earns with the Chiefs. Continue on since Dak Prescott wants Mahomes Money… has the latest update on Dak Prescott and the long-going contract negotiation that was said to have been made a couple of months back by his brother.

Then it fell through and The Dallas Cowboys have been going back and forth ever since then.

Fast forward to now, the Dallas Cowboys have until Tuesday to decide if they will place another franchise tag on Dak Prescott.

Here is what is being said about Dak this week:

“The goal here is to get him signed to a long-term deal, and why would they continue using these costly tags on him if they didn’t feel he was their franchise guy? By the way, last year’s money was in the ballpark of Russell Wilson-Jared Goff type money,” she said during an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show.”