Deshaun Watson Shares Love Story With Girlfriend

Deshaun Watson Shares Love Story With Girlfriend

Deshaun Watson Shares Love Story With Girlfriend!

In addition to the chatter that Texans star Deshaun Watson in talks regarding his contract extension with Houston, the star Quarterback took to social media to speak on his love story with girlfriend during quarantine. Read on… reports that drop dead gorgeous QB Deshaun Watson is known on the football field for his quarterback skills but fans got a chance to hear about his personal life.

Deshaun opened up about his love life with his girlfriend, Jilly Anais, in a Youtube video.

His girlfriend Anais, is a Houston native and social media influencer. She featured Watson on her Youtube Channel by answering a few questions about herself and her most asked questions from fans in a video called “How did she meet her boyfriend.”

In the video Jilly Anais got Deshaun to reveal how they met:

Watson said the two met in Los Angeles and how he pursued her on Instagram. He said he messaged her on Instagram and the two basically became friends and officially met at a hot yoga place. Anais said she was impressed at the effort Watson showed by showing up to an early 7 a.m. workout with her. After a 5 1/2 hour dinner, the two said it was official and the two have been inseparable since.

The couple said they’ve been on vacation together to places like Montana, Mexico, Europe, Spain, Antigua, Bahamas, Miami, Spain, New York and more.

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