Details of Alleged Assault by Trevor Bauer Surface

Details of Alleged Assault by Trevor Bauer Surface

Details of Alleged Assault by Trevor Bauer Surface!

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is under investigation for assaulting a woman earlier this year.

The woman reportedly has filed a domestic violence ex parte restraining order against Bauer. Continue on for details on Trevor Bauer Assault… reports that a 67-page document was executed on June 28 and reportedly contains graphic images of the Trevor Bauer Assault.

Trevor Bauer is up shhh creek these days after details of an alleged sex crime has surfaced by a woman he smashed.

According to the woman, Trevor Bauer is into some serious freak behavior and she was completely unaware he gets violent during sex.

A woman who accused Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer of sexual assault provided graphic details and photos of their alleged encounters in a request for a domestic violence restraining order filed on Tuesday.

In the temporary order request filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, a 27-year-old woman alleges she consented to sex with Bauer on two separate occasions earlier this year but accused him of doing things that she did not consent to during intercourse.

She alleged that the star pitcher choked her until she lost consciousness, repeatedly punched her in the face and her vagina, and gave her injuries that required hospitalization, according to the request, according to NBC News.

Why does this remind us of the violent sex scene in Showgirls when she wanted to sleep with an entertainer?

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