Did Shannon Sharpe Violate Wiretap Law Calling Julio Jones

Did Shannon Sharpe Violate Wiretap Law Calling Julio Jones

Did Shannon Sharpe Violate Wiretap Law Calling Julio Jones!

CelebnSports247.com previously reported that Fox Sports host Shannon Sharpe on Monday’s Undisputed called Julio Jones to get the scoop. Read on for more about Shannon Sharpe possibly violating the California Wiretap Law…

Shannon Sharpe did just that when Julio Jones responded to his question about his next move.

Julio Jones confirmed that he was “done” with the Atlanta Falcons. Sharpe nearly broke social media with the scoop from Jones, but now he may be in trouble.

The rumors had been out there, but nothing was concrete until that call.

According to Front Office Sports, that interview caused a ton of issues that ‘not only blindsided the Falcons, the agency that reps the Falcons receiver reached out to Fox in the aftermath of Shannon Sharpe’s interview.’

Now, Sharpe could be facing some serious issues if a complaint is filed over him potentially violating “a California’s wiretapping law” that requires both parties to know a call is being recorded.

The report states [ via TPS]:

Source said:

Sources said Jones’ reps at Creative Artists Agency have reached out to Fox about the situation. It’s become a huge deal.

It continues:

Blowback: The NFL has its ways of handling its TV partners. The Falcons could quietly seek an on-air apology or some other redress from Fox. If not forthcoming, Fox could end up in the doghouse among the league’s TV partners, which include NBC, CBS, and ESPN.

That could mean less access and cooperation from the team and other NFL clubs. Or, the worst-case scenario for an NFL TV partner, the bad blood could lead to poor game matchups.