Julio Jones Confirms Trade; He’s DONE with The Falcons

Julio Jones Confirms He's DONE with The Falcons

Julio Jones Confirms Trade; He’s DONE with The Falcons!

The Julio Jones trade speculation has been percolating for months, especially in the past few weeks. Jones’ comments Monday on a national sports show should only crank up the boilers several degrees.

CelebnSports247.com reports that Julio Jones trade speculation went left when he spoke to “Undisputed” host Shannon Sharpe.

In a surprising appearance on ESPN’s “Undisputed” — with host Shannon Sharpe calling him on his cellphone on the air, Julio Jones responded to the question about his future with the Atlanta Falcons.

Jones said:

Oh, man, I’m out of there, man

Then here is where it all went left:

Jones went on t say:

I want to win, I ain’t going to Dallas, I never thought of going to Dallas.

Where do things stand now?

The Falcons are extremely tight up against the salary cap and will need to clear up more than $10 million in space in order to sign their nine draft picks.

Lets not forget DeAndre Hopkins willingness to reconstruct his contract for Jones to join the Cardinals.