Dwight Howard Son Braylon Calls Him a “DEADBEAT DAD”

Dwight Howard Son Braylon Calls Him a "DEADBEAT DAD"

Dwight Howard Son Braylon Calls Him a “DEADBEAT DAD”!

No father wants to hear this, but Los Angeles Lakers Dwight Howard, the same player that Shaq destroyed, is now being called out by his son Braylon. Continue on…

CelebnSports247 has gotten word that Dwight Howard’s 12-year-old son, the son he has with Basketball Wives star Royce Reed is CALLING HIM a DEADBEAT DAD.

Yesterday Dwight Howard’s 12-year-old, Braylon, went on Instagram Live and put his father on BLAST.

According to Braylon – Dwight is a deadbeat father who rarely speaks to him or his other siblings.

Dwight has five children, from five different baby’s mothers.

In the video which is heartbreaking, you can just hear the pain as Braylon BEGS his father to be in his life.

Dwight’s son says:

You don’t talk to me, you don’t call me, and you don’t try to,” the teary-eyed boy says about his NBA father. He continued, “You never call me, [and when we speak] you never like talking to me.. . . you’re never around.

Braylon gets emotional saying:

As of right now, I hate you … and I’m not saying this because someone told me to. I actually hate you.

It appears that Howard’s only focus for him and been the NBA and winning a ring to prove he did it. We guess it’s like an Oscar for an actor, but most stars still spend time with their kids.

Howard posted this message to his son over a year ago:

It’s sad that his own son had to tell the world how lousy of a father he truly is.

Check out Dwight Howard’s son Braylon:


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