NY Giants QB Daniel Jones CLOWNED For Tripping

NY Giants QB Daniel Jones CLOWNED For Tripping

NY Giants QB Daniel Jones CLOWNED For Tripping!

Just when New York Giants fans thought quarterback Daniel Jones was going to make a perfect touchdown, he tripped like a victim in a horror movie.  Read on to see how Daniel Jones got CLOWNED…

CelebnSports247.com reports that Daniel Jones tripped over his own two feet Thursday night while heading for a wide-open end zone while playing the Philadelphia Eagles.

Watch the video to see how Daniel Jones took off from his own 12-yard line and quickly found daylight. He was tucking the ball and sprinting 80 yards with ZERO defenders in the area to stop him!

The sad thing is that all Jones had to do was walk the final 8 yards and he would’ve scored a TD.

Instead, he tripped on his own two feet like Michael Myers was chasing Lori Strode.

Everyone watching had to pick their jaws up off the floor and shake their heads.

Even announcer Joe Buck couldn’t believe it, announcing:

He trips! Absolutely all alone and he trips going to the end zone! A walk-in touchdown and he tripped himself!

The Giants eventually scored a TD on that drive thanks to Wayne Gallman punching in a 1-yard run that gave NY a 14-10 lead at the time.

But Daniel Jones will go down in the books for the most embarrassing trip and fall of 2020.

Hey someone has to be the joke of the season.

Buffalo Bills WR Stefon Diggs even got in on the jokes:

Patrick Mahomes didn’t clown Jones. Instead, he said:

I mean I can’t even say anything cause I would never be able to run that far either.

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