Eagles Reportedly Taking Heat For Drafting Jalen Hurts

Eagles Reportedly Using Jalen Hurts As A ‘Straight Running Back’

Eagles Reportedly Taking Heat For Drafting Jalen Hurts!!!

It’s being reported that the Eagles are using Jalen Hurts As A ‘Straight Running Back’!?!

We are hearing that the Philadelphia Eagles took a tremendous amount of heat for drafting Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Read on…

CelebNSports247.com reports at the end of the day its the Philadelphia Eagles choice so everyone else can kiss butt.

Where does this leave Carson Wentz if Jalen Hurts is the new rookie for 2020?

The problem is this, the Eagles already have Carson Wentz established as the starter and there was little reason to think Hurts would play any QB in 2020. That is only unless Wentz went down with an injury. Head coach Doug Pederson weighed in to clear things up.


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In addition, NFL insider Mike Garafolo added that Hurts will indeed see the field in 2020 and could be used as a running back instead of a quarterback.

Garafolo stated:

And, really, I do think the fact that they’re going to utilize him right now … I know we’re talking about Taysom Hill but Jalen Hurts will be in his own, unique role. He WILL be on the field this upcoming season and, the Eagles hope, for the next four years as a guy who can contribute to the offense other than a quarterback. They’re hopeful they won’t need him as a quarterback because they means Carson Wentz is healthy and on the field.

And just in talking to one Eagles source, he said ‘This guy might be able to contribute as a straight running back. That’s how good we think he is. That’s what we think of his skill set.’

So, it’s going to be really interesting to watch how they utilize Hurts and Howie Roseman telling me that ‘I stand by this man.’ They believe that much in him. And also Carson Wentz. I mean, that’s the biggest key. Knowing that your quarterback is going to be able to handle the fact that Jalen Hurts, a guy with a skill set like that, is going to be there contributing. In a city like that. backup quarterback’s always popular. Jalen Hurts could be pretty popular, too, trust me.

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