Esports Faze Banks Under Investigation For Trashing Hotel Room

Esports Faze Banks Under Investigation For Trashing Hotel Room

One of the biggest names in Esports, Faze Banks is under investigation for allegedly destroying his hotel room and causing more than $30k in damage.

The 27-year-old Banks, who is the co-founder of the wildly successful FaZe Clan trashed his hotel room during a Vegas bender on October 14. Read on for more details…

Esports Faze Banks Under Investigation For Trashing Hotel Room has learned that Faze Banks room at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas on a destruction of property call.

According to reports, Faze Banks says that the room was an absolute DISASTER zone.

There was smashed furniture, holes in the walls, a smashed window, broken lampstand, pictures ripped off the wall, stains on the carpet and more.

TMZ Sports reports:

Sources say even the plants in the room were wrecked with soil all over the ground.

The main flat-screen TV was also vandalized and looked like it had been smashed multiple times with heavy objects.

It sounds like Faze, born Richard Bengtson, was trying to live that rock star lifestyle.

The estimated damage is over $30,000 which means he can be charged with felony malicious destruction of property. The charge carries a maximum of 5 years in prison, but there’s no way Banks gets anywhere close to that even if he’s convicted.

On the bright side, Banks is super duper rich, so he can easily afford to cover the damages if he wants to.

LVPD says that stuff likes this happens in Vegas hotels all the time and the hotel usually drops the case if the damages are paid.

Faze rep released a statement:

FaZe Clan and Encore are working together to resolve this matter.

No charges have been filed — but the investigation is currently active.

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