Jalen Rose Says “Maria Taylor Needs A Raise”

Jalen Rose Says "Maria Taylor Needs A Raise"

Jalen Rose Says “Maria Taylor Needs A Raise”!

Maria Taylor got major support from her fellow broadcast sports media host Jalen Rose.

CelebnSports247.com reports that Jalen Rose, author of the “Renaissance Man” column and podcast host for The Post, lobbied for Taylor when he told a national audience she should get a raise from ESPN.

Jalen Rose sounded off during Wednesday night’s pre-game coverage on “NBA Countdown.”

Ahead of the Suns’ Game 6 elimination win over the Clippers, where Patrick Beverley pushed Chris Paul on the ground, Jalen publically announced Maria needs a raise.

It all went down while ESPN analyst Jay Williams was discussing Clippers breakout star Reggie Jackson, who impressed in the postseason.

Williams said, adding that Jackson “deserves” a big payday.

He said:

If you’re great at what you do, you deserve the bag.

Rose replied:

If that’s the case, Maria needs a raise.

NY Post reports:

It was followed with lots of laughs since The Post’s Andrew Marchand reported Taylor is facing a potential breakup with ESPN after she was hoping to make “Stephen A. Smith money.” (Smith makes nearly $8 million annually.)

Taylor turned down an offer from ESPN that would have increased her salary from nearly $1 million per year to almost $5 million at the end of the offer, Marchand reported.

Taylor briefly laughed, then went on discussing Jackson’s postseason stats. Though it seemed apparent Rose’s comment created somewhat of an awkward overcast.

Marchand reported that ESPN sees longevity in Taylor and that she is someone the network wants to keep.

Taylor’s contract expires on or around July 20, so time will tell on how the situation plays out. If the NBA Finals goes seven games, the series will end on July 22.