Nets Kyrie Irving Reportedly Willing To Sit Out For Season

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Willing To Sit Out For Season

Nets Kyrie Irving Reportedly Willing To Sit Out For Season!

Now that James Harden has become a Brooklyn Nets player, things are NOT going to well with Kyrie Irving, but he has a solution. It appears Irving might have played his final game of the 2020-21 NBA season since he is willing to sit out for the rest of the season. Read on since Nets Kyrie Irving to sit out Season… reports that Irving is prepared to sit out the remainder of the campaign amid his growing frustration with the Nets, according to KRON-TV’s Jason Dumas.

The Nets star point guard, Kyrie Irving, who has missed Brooklyn’s last five games while the NBA investigates videos of his maskless partying.

Reportedly Kyrie Irving is irate with the organization for multiple reasons, including the hiring of head coach Steve Nash.

Then there is Brooklyn’s acquisition of James Harden which was not approved by Irving, who reportedly was not answering the Nets’ calls as recently as Wednesday afternoon.

This is a disaster!

Dumas tweeted:

The Brooklyn Nets were always interested in acquiring James Harden but the deal became imperative in light of the situation with Kyrie Irving. Kyrie is willing to sit out the year if need be those close to him are saying.


Irving rightfully is receiving immense criticism from around the NBA. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith even went so far as to call for the 28-year-old to retire — immediately.

At this point, Irving, still one of the most exceptional talents in all of basketball, has lost the benefit of the doubt.

However, should Irving somehow get his act together and return to the court, the Nets could be an unstoppable force the likes of which the NBA never has seen. Brooklyn legitimately has three players on its roster who could score 50 points any night.

But it appears this will NOT be like The Heat when they had Shaq, LeBron and Wade.

The Nets drama is the best thing happening in the NBA right now.

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