Matt Barnes: Lakers + Clippers Not Playing Until Racial Injustice Addressed

Matt Barnes: Lakers + Clippers Not Playing Until Racial Injustice Addressed

Matt Barnes Says Lakers + Clippers Not Playing Until Racial Injustice Addressed!

Like we said there are many black people in the USA who are NOT feeling white people at all. With that said, Many NBA players have participated in protests advocating for racial justice. So it makes sense why the Lakers and Clippers are refusing to play until racial injustice addressed in the USA… has the latest from former Lakers star Matt Barnes who made it known that several guys on the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers who are not comfortable playing until racial injustice has been addressed.

There is heightened awareness surrounding the current event involving George Floyd and his death at the hands of former Minneapolis officers, but racial injustices being addressed and solved before hitting the court again is highly unlikely.

We all know that the NBA is slated to soon begin training and playing games but with the social climate unrest, Matt Barnes is speaking FACTS!

Josiah Johnson:

Guys have literally told you, “Yo, man, we don’t really feel comfortable playing until this situation gets resolved and figured out.” Is that something that has happened?

Matt Barnes replied:

It is. Actually, Snoop hit me the other day too, talking about it. Because I had talked to a few guys, not to mention no names. And he said he had talked to a couple guys from the Lakers and the Clippers, and there’s some whispers about some teams not being comfortable. Some guys want to play. Some guys don’t want to play.

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