Reggie Miller: It’s Time To Defund The Police

Reggie Miller Calls For Defunding of Police

Reggie Miller: It’s Time To Defund The Police!

Every day there are more and more images of police attacking protesters which is all playing into Trump trying to start a race war so he can postpone the election and stay president until the war is over.

Doesn’t anyone understand what is going on? Black people in America are sick and tired of the oppression and the police brutality, but have you noticed police are becoming more and more violent during peaceful protests? This is all part of the problem. Not to mention some of the white people are paid and planted in the peaceful protests to stir the pot and give police an excuse to attack.

We agree with Reggie Miller because it’s time to make the call to defund ALL the police. Read on… reports while local governments are making decisions about budget cuts, some protesters have a suggestion: defund the police.

This is basically in response to the Minneapolis police murdering George Floyd some two weeks ago as we all watch an officer put his knee on his neck and keep it there for eight minutes. This comes after sharing video of protesters being maced by police.

Why former Indiana Pacers Reggie Miller calls to defund ALL police!

Yesterday in the San Francisco bay area local radio station KMEL had a poll question which was “Do you feel safe or threatened when you see police?”

The answer was 84% of the people feel threatened and 16% feel safe. The people are SPEAKING LOUD AND CLEAR everywhere in the USA, it’s time to defund the police.

These days, they don’t protect and serve anymore. Instead they attack, threaten, and kill. Shoot first seems to be the new motto. When we were robbed two years ago, we couldn’t get the police to come and arrest the culprit, no instead they argued with us on the phone and threaten to arrest us.

We agree 1000% with NBA hall of famer Reggie Miller who is all for the defunding of police after he took to Twitter and called for it after sharing a video showing police mace protesters for no reason at all. (above)

What are your thoughts on Reggie Miller wanting to Defund Police?

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