Lakers Star LeBron James Retires

Lakers Star LeBron James Retires

Lakers Star LeBron James Retires???

According to a post on Twitter, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has allegedly retied from basketball? is hearing from Senior Journalist and NBA Insider Robert Buchanan for Ballsack Sports that King James has thrown in the towel and called it quits.

The rumors that LeBron has retired comes just hours after news that the Los Angeles Lakers will go hard after Jazz head coach Quin Snyder, who has been rumored as a candidate to fill their head coaching vacancy.

Via Lakers Daily:

NBA insider Marc Stein wrote:

The Lakers’ interest in Snyder as a successor to Frank Vogel is serious, sources say. There is nonetheless ongoing skepticism in coaching circles that Snyder would want to move from Utah — where he has enjoyed a considerable amount of control and influence — to take over the LeBron James-led Lakers in their current state after the never-ending chaos that engulfed [Frank] Vogel’s last two seasons.

Meanwhile, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka recently said during his exit interview he will take his time in selecting a new coach, but he also gave a possible timeline for settling on one.

Via Sports Illustrated:

I think it’s going to be a very methodical process, and I think the principles here are not to pick an end date and say, ‘Hey, we have to have someone by this date.’ I think we want to find the right person. I think that’s the most important thing. I think all things considered, it would be great to have someone in place by the draft.