Los Angeles Chargers Eyeing Panthers QB Cam Newton

Los Angeles Chargers Eyeing QB Cam Newton

Los Angeles Chargers Eyeing QB Cam Newton!

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton might be calling Los Angeles home pretty soon.

The Los Angeles Chargers could be in the market for a new QB after the 2019 season, and that might include one who has been to a Super Bowl. Read on…

CelebNSports247.com reports that Pro Football Network Insider Ben Allbright is saying that the Chargers are keeping an eye on the Cam Newton.

According to Ben Allbright the Los Angeles Chargers may nab Cam Newton in case trash-talking Philip Rivers decides to retire or gets traded.

This would be a good thing for both the Panthers and Chargers. The Panthers would benefit immensely if they elect to move on from Newton, as it would save them $18.6 million. The team would free up some money for new players.

In 125 career games, Newton has a completion percentage of 59.6 percent with an average of 7.3 yards a throw. He has 182 career touchdowns, 108 interceptions. He also has an average of 5.1 yards a run in 934 attempts with 58 rushing touchdowns.

As for the Chargers, Rivers, who is turning 38 in December, has said that he wants to play in the new stadium in Inglewood, but that was before the season and the team was coming off a promising 2018 campaign.

With Cam Newton in Los Angeles, it could bring new blood into the seats to watch the games and at this point that is what is needed around the franchise to possibly fix the attendance problem.

Los Angeles forgets that for years we have been without the NFL. The only time we had a team was in the early 90s and that was the Raiders. Since the LA became an NBA and MLB city. Now with two teams the city has to learn that there is Football back in Los Angeles.

Honestly, Los Angeles NEEDS to send The Chargers back to San Diego where they belong.

LA just needs to keep the RAMS and focus on them.

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