MLB Returns ALL WRONG; NFL Questions Its Return

MLB Returns ALL WRONG; NFL Questions Its Return

MLB Returns ALL WRONG; NFL Questions Its Return!

Yesterday we all noticed that the MLB screwed up going back to business traveling to each city to play ball.

Why didn’t the MLB return follow the NBAs bubble?

The NBA was in the playoffs, the MLB was mid-season so the league took the risk and players are testing positive.

Yes, the MLB is showing signs of their own COVID-19 Outbreak!

You may criticize the NBA for the Miami Florida playoffs being held in a bubble, but it’s keeping the coronavirus at bay.

Meanwhile, the MLB believed that they could go back to business as usual and now everyone is noticing they DID IT ALL WRONG. Read on for more details on the MLB returns wrong, so the NFL questions the next step. reports within the first 4 days MLB returns with multiple players testing positive with the coronavirus – which has the NFL asking questions

Multiple MLB players are on a 14-day quarantine in the cities the contracted the virus. The MLB came back wrong.

Yesterday we reported that the Miami Marlins reported that 4 key players on the team tested positive and are now grounded in Philly in their hotel rooms for 14-days.

The MLB is already canceling games!

The Coronavirus outbreak amongst players in only 4-days of play.

The Yankees-Phillies game in Philadelphia was canceled on Monday night because the Marlins — 13 total players and coaches infected — had played there over the weekend. And of course, Marlins-Orioles was canceled, reports the NY Post.

The realization of the MLBs return being all wrong is sobering news for the NFL, and for NFL players reporting Tuesday for the start of training camp.

On Monday, it was reported that the NFL is now questioning their return.

The bottom line is it is TOO SOON to bring the NFL back, but greed fuels the return. The virus joins you on the bus, at the airport, on the plane, into the hotel.

All the social distancing, all the mask-wearing, all the hand washing, cannot guarantee immunity.
The problem with the NFL is that you have men on men for 2-hours. That’s 22 players breathing and blocking and tackling at one time on every single play. They are in each other’s face all day. Back in the day, HIV+ had players scared but COVID-19 is another level.

In Goodell’s Monday letter to NFL fans, he wrote:

Adaptability and flexibility will be needed for the foreseeable future. After all, even the best game plan changes as new challenges arise.

Let us remember he is sitting back while these guys are putting themselves at risk of contracting the virus and possibly bringing it home to their families, friends, and side chicks the smash at parties.

What is the NFL’s solution thus far?

NFL players implored the league to strengthen health protocols, demanded daily testing — which they will have for at least two weeks, maybe more if the number of positive tests climbs to more than 5 percent.

So far, the league agreed to scrap preseason games, thankfully.

Where things stand now is – It looks for now as if we will have NBA basketball and NHL hockey.

Baseball and football are predictably skating on thin ice.

What are your thoughts on the MLB Returns wrong and the NFL Questions the next step?

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