Myles Garrett Hints At NFL Mason Rudolph Racial Slur Cover-up

Myles Garrett Hints At NFL Mason Rudolph Racial Slur Cover-up

Myles Garrett Hints At NFL Mason Rudolph Racial Slur Cover-up!

Last Wednesday, Myles Garrett was reinstated back into the National Football League after an ugly brawl between the Steelers-Browns on November 14th, 2019. If you recall, Myles Garrett rip the helmet off of Mason Rudolph and smash him over the head with it. Well, Myles Garrett is back in but he still hints that the NFL did a cover-up protecting Mason Rudolph racial slur cover-up…


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A post shared by Myles “Flash” Garrett ?? (@flash_garrett) on reports that Garrett shared his views with Outside the Lines’ Mina Kimes during an interview that aired Thursday night on SportsCenter.

Myles Garrett asserted:

[Mason Rudolph] called me the N-word…He called me a ‘stupid N-word.’

The Texan hunk went on to say:

When he said it, it kind of sparked something, but I still tried to let it go and still walk away. But once he came back, it kind of reignited the situation. And not only have you escalated things past what they needed to be with such little time in the game left, now you’re trying to re-engage and start a fight again. It’s definitely not entirely his fault, it’s definitely both parties doing something that we shouldn’t have been doing.

I don’t say the N-word, whether it’s with ‘a’ [or] ‘er.’ To me personally, just shouldn’t be said, and whether it’s by family, friends, anyone, I don’t want to use it because I don’t want [people to] find that appropriate around me for anyone to use.

During that interview, the Browns defensive end hinted at an NFL coverup of audio that he believes existed. Let’s not forget that Mason confirmed he said a racial slur towards Garrett.

Myles said:

Most quarterbacks wear mics in their helmets.

He concluded:

He somehow lost his helmet and had to get another one without a mic. There were guys who were mic’d up near me—near us—during that time who didn’t hear anything, and from what I’ve heard, there [may] have been audio during that game that could’ve heard something or could not have heard something, but they don’t want to say.

For now, Myles is back to work:


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Time to get to work

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