Myles Garrett Suspend Indefinitely; NFL IS WRONG

Myles Garrett Appeal: Mason Rudolph Accused of Racial Slur

The NFL is wrong for suspending Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett who was attacked by Mason Rudolph first.

Yes, Football is a contact sport and both DE Myles Garrett and QB Mason Rudolph should remember that, but it was what Mason did to Myles first. Read on since Myles Garrett Suspend Indefinitely by NFL… is calling out the NFL for making yet another WRONG call in the past week. First, we saw how the NFL referee coach the Seahawks Gino Smith that he called head when it’s was clear he called tails.

Because of that little change by the NFL ref, the Seahawks ended up winning over the 49ers, and now they’re protecting the white quarterback Mason Rudolph.

Mason Rudolph was clearly the aggressor in all of this and yes, Myles Garrett had a moment and SNAPPED on the field hitting Mason with his own helmet. Was it right, no, but that is what happens in fights.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL has handed down an indefinite suspension for the Browns defensive lineman that will keep him off the field for a minimum of the remainder of the 2019 season and playoffs.

No word on how long after that the suspension might last, but this is now one of the most significant penalties that the NFL.

Is this indefinite suspension correct? NO, it is NOT! Myles was wrong for his reaction, but Mason Rudolph equally guilty because he is the one who started the fight with Myles. For some reason, the NFL is turning a blind eye to the truth.

We had to ask Stephen A. Smith what would he do if that was him on the field?

So far no response.

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