NFL Questioned Over Deshaun Watson After Trevor Bauer Suspension

NFL Ripped Over Deshaun Watson Investigation After Trevor Bauer Suspension

NFL Questioned Over Deshaun Watson After Trevor Bauer Suspension?

Deshaun Watson may not be facing criminal charges over allegations from 22 women that he improperly touched the plaintiffs, who had been hired as massage therapists and personal trainers…

But has the latest reactions of NFL fans and MLB fans after Trevor Bauer got suspended for the next two years from playing with Los Angeles Dodgers.

Where things apparently differ from Deshaun Watson accusers and Trevor Bauer victims is that Watson attorney Rusty Hardin acknowledged that there were some “consensual encounters” between Watson and some of the 22 women who have filed lawsuits against him.

Rusty also added that at no point did Watson engage in any acts that were not “mutually desired.”

“Were there sometimes consensual encounters? Yes,” Hardin said.

Watson’s name has been trending over the past few days after Major League Baseball handed down a 2-year suspension to Trevor Bauer under its domestic violence and sexual assault policy.

Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the suspension Friday, nearly 10 months after a California woman said two sexual encounters in April and May 2021 turned violent without her consent.

The MLB suspension of Trevor Bauer has the NFL under fire for not doing anything to Watson as he gets set to play for the Cleveland Browns in 2022.

Many fans are now weighing in with valid points questioning where is the justice?

Trevor Bauer has 3rd accuser come forward after 2-year MLB suspension!

A third woman has accused Trevor Bauer of sexual assault, the same day the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher was hit with an unprecedented two-year suspension for violations of MLB’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy.

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