QB Russell Wilson NOT HAPPY With Seahawks

QB Russell Wilson NOT HAPPY With Seahawks

QB Russell Wilson NOT HAPPY With Seahawks!

The Russell Wilson drama continues with the Seattle Seahawks and now they are reported: “not happy with the way this has gone down since the end of the season.” Read on…

CelebnSports247.com has the latest update on Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson situation.

Michael Silver said on NFL Network on Wednesday:

I think the situation is worse than I previously believed. If the Seahawks are not at least having conversations about the possibility of a Russell Wilson trade right now, they’re committing malpractice.

According to ESPN’s Dianni Russini, Russell isn’t that thrilled with the team either.

It was back last month when Wilson raised several eyebrows when he publicly talked about how many hits he has taken behind a less than stellar offensive line.

According to Silver, the Seahawks are expected to entertain trade offers from Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas or New Orleans, which are the teams that were listed as possible destinations for Wilson.

Silver said:

The Seahawks are not happy with the way this has gone down since the end of the season. I believe that they will listen to offers from any of those four teams… I think Pete Carroll regards himself as a problem solver and will try to figure out a way to patch this up, but unless things get a lot better, even if he does come back, think about what’s on the line in a very tough division this upcoming season.

The Athletic has already reported on how the issues run much deeper than what we already know.

Before the Thursday night game against Arizona, Wilson met with his coaches. For some time, Wilson has sought — even pushed — for influence within the organization regarding scheme and personnel. In the meeting, he outlined his own ideas for how to fix the offense. His suggestions were dismissed, multiple sources told The Athletic — another reminder to Wilson that the Seahawks did not see him the same way he saw himself, as a player who had earned greater control over his situation, his future, his legacy.

The seven-time Pro Bowler has a no-trade clause and the team would have to absorb $39 million in dead money if they moved him before June 1st.

TPS first reported the news on Wilson.


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