Ricky Hatton HATTED Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight; It’s a INSULT

Ricky Hatton HATTED Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight; It's a INSULT

Ricky Hatton HATTED Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight!

When it comes to the Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight, everyone is still talking about how it was a sh-t show and an utter disappointment.

Now, former boxing superstar Ricky Hatton UNLEASHED his frustrations out saying “WTF was all this about?”

Ricky essentially is saying the exhibition with Logan Paul was an INSULT to the sport he loves. Continue on to see why Ricky Hatton hatted the Mayweather vs Paul Fight


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CelebnSports247.com reports that 42-year-old Ricky Hatton took to social media RIPPING the Floyd vs Logan fight.

Hatton HATED everything about Floyd vs. Logan fight!

Early Monday morning, Ricky Hatton, The Ring magazine’s 2005 Fighter of the Year, said:

What happened to the days where fighters would put their lives on the line to try to be the best and at least fight the best. Now we have fighters calling out YouTubers as that’s where the most money is these days due to the social media world we live in??? I can live with an exhibition like mike(Tyson)and Roy(Jones)did between two legends of our sport but the greatest fighter of all time who has only recently retired against somebody who’s only there cus of how many followers he has and not because of who he’s previously beat??? Money is important that’s why we went from the amateurs and turned pro. But these days money seems more important than the legacy. Floyd and Logan, hey Everyman to their own. Good luck to both. In my personal opinion that was shit for boxing. #getupthereboy

Well, Mayweather said it was fun, a good time, while Canelo posted a #SMH emoji and other athletes weighed in.

Then Floyd also pointed out that the fight was “legalized robbery” because he made a million for showing up, a million while h waited in his room, and walked away with $100 million for the fight.

Need we say anymore?