Mayweather Admits Logan Paul Fight Was “Legalized Robbery”

Mayweather Admits Logan Paul Fight Was "Legalized Robbery"

Mayweather Admits Logan Paul Fight Was “Legalized Robbery!”

On Sunday the hyped Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight went down, and everyone was disappointed because the fight was lackluster.

Logan Paul talked all kinds of smack for weeks before the fight on how he was going to KO Mayweather, but there was one moment when Paul almost went down face first.

Luckily he grabbed on to Mayweather who kept him from falling.

The only problem is that many boxers still feel that the fight is an embarrassment to the profession. Not to mention, the fight is an exhibition fight which means it’s all entertainment. Just like the old WWF now WWE, Trill Entertainment brings you rehearsed fights for your enjoyment.

Mayweather Admits fight Legalized Robbery!

This is why there is NEVER a clear winner. In the end, Mayweather walked away $100 million dollars richer and Logan Paul came up another $30 million.

There are so many boxers out there trying to get a check like that for their fight, but the only ones who gain are the promotion companies. Trill has provided name boxers, UFC stars, and celebrities to make a tone of money for a fight that has an ending already planned. reports former undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. couldn’t knock out YouTube personality Logan Paul in their exhibition fight Sunday in Miami, but that wasn’t necessarily his goal.

Oh no, that is not what the fight was about at all. After the fight, Mayweather said it was fun to throw some punches. And he also realized that Paul has talent yet it was still fun to go in the ring 8 times. It was like a sparing match for Floyd. Meanwhile, Paul was getting a workout against a real champion boxer.

And it wasn’t easy as his previous fights.

However, Mayweather used his post-fight comments to discuss his taste for financial manifestation.

Floyd said:

When it comes to legalized bank robbery, I’m the best. I changed my name from “Pretty Boy Floyd” to “Money Mayweather.

Mayweather then expanded on his comments even further:

I’m somehwere in Aruba. in the Bahamas, in Dubai, I’m traveling the world on my jet, making millions every month, not worried about nothing and then when I see there’s a chance for me to do a heist, a quick heist, I’m going to let you all know this. Y’all can say what you want to say. At the end of day, I’m the smart one because I don’t care if you write good about me, you write bad about me, just keep writing about me. Ya’ll are keeping my name out there.

At the end of the day, Mayweather doesn’t care what anyone says, writes, or criticizes him because he still has the last laugh.

Mayweather is worth was at $450 million before his fight against Logan Paul, but he earned $100 mill for last night’s fight, so he should be around $550 million to date minus taxes, manager fees, and PR costs.

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