Ex-NBA star Sebastian Telfair Trail GF, WIFE, + EX-MISTRESS Testify Against Him

Ex-NBA star Sebastian Telfair Trail GF, WIFE, + EX-MISTRESS Testify Against Him

In the words of Pauly D…”Awkward!!!” Talk about a messy situation, but the former NBA player Sebastian Telfair had his girlfriend, wife, and ex-mistress all showed up in court.

OMG, you couldn’t write a better script than this! Read on to get all the tea spilling about Sebastian Telfair weapons possession trial

CelebNSports247.com reports that former basketball star Sebastian Telfair appeared in a New York court Monday on weapons and drug possession charges but the appearance proved rather awkward.

The 33-year-old ex-NBA player had the support of his now girlfriend LaBelle Chacon at Brooklyn Supreme Court. The trial stems from a June 2017 incident where they were caught on a Sunday morning with a trunk full of contraband.

That is not all who showed up, his former love interests were also there to testify against him, his estranged wife Samantha Telfair and his former mistress Caterina Scotto, 26.

Scotto explained she had an on/off relationship with married Telfair – allowed the storage unit to auction off the memorabilia items left inside.

Caterina Scotto also claimed she had seen Telfair with a gun multiple times reportedly told the court that her former love interest referred to guns as ‘biscuits.’ Her witness statement supports the prosecution who say they discovered a gas-operated submachine gun in Telfair’s possession.

As Scotto departed court she told DailyMail.com: ‘Sebastian’s new girlfriend  in her own bitter and caddy way:

I think he’s got many of them [girlfriends]. She’s very ugly. She does sexual favors for free music videos.

She said she would not be returning to court the following day.

Mrs. Telfair also claimed in court that she had seen her spouse with the weapon that was found in his car, alongside three pistols, extended magazines, ammunition, and a bulletproof jacket, during a 2.50am routine traffic stop in the Bedstuy neighborhood of Brooklyn on June 11, 2017.

Two bags of marijuana were also discovered.

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