Shawn Kemp Pleads NOT GUILTY To Assualt Charges

Shawn Kemp Charged With First Degree Assault In Gun Incident

Shawn Kemp Pleads NOT GUILTY To Assualt Charges!

You heard it here first that the Supersonics legend Shawn Kemp showed up to a Washington court on Thursday to fight back in his parking lot shooting case pleading not guilty to the felony charges… has learned that Shawn Kemp arrived at the Pierce County courtroom several minutes before the hearing was slated to begin and pled not guilty to the felony charge that prosecutors hit him with three weeks ago.

Here is what went down:

According to reports, Kemp, who was wearing a blue button-down shirt with a black vest over it, appeared stoic throughout the minutes-long proceedings.

However, when it came time for him to speak, entered a plea of not guilty to one count of first-degree assault, before leaving.

TMZ reports:

As part of the conditions of Kemp’s release, the judge said the former NBA star could not have firearms. Kemp was also ordered to have no contact with the alleged victims in the case.
Kemp did not speak with reporters who were on the scene.

Kemp was initially arrested in the case back on March 8 — after cops alleged he fired a gun in a Tacoma, Wash. mall parking lot during a dispute with people in a nearby car. On April 14, prosecutors formally charged him with assault.

The 53-year-old has been adamant he was simply acting in self-defense, calling his actions “reasonable and legally justified.” He’s vowed to fight the case in court.
Kemp is now due back for another hearing on the matter next month.

In April, KUOW repoted:

According to Pierce County Superior Court documents filed on April 14, police were called to reports of a shooting in a Tacoma Mall parking lot, near the JCPenney and Firestone, in the early morning hours of March 8, 2023. No one was hurt in the incident.

Witnesses told officers that a gun was thrown into nearby bushes following the gunshots. Officers found a .357 revolver where witnesses indicated. Court documents also state that the incident was captured on cell phone video as well as security camera footage from neighboring businesses.

The video evidence is described in court documents, which further detail allegations against Kemp. It states that a Porsche is seen on video arriving at the parking lot with four other vehicles, including a 4Runner, around 1:51 a.m. Within the span of 10 minutes, multiple confrontations happen between the driver of the Porsche and the 4Runner. The Porsche driver reportedly fired multiple shots at the SUV. At one point, it appeared a shot was fired directly at the 4Runner driver, as the driver ducked to avoid being hit. Court documents allege that Kemp is the driver of the Porsche who was firing the handgun.

What are you thouhts since Shawn Kemp Pleads NOT GUILTY?

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