Social Media Is Laughing At Antonio Brown

Social Media Is Laughing At Antonio Brown

Social Media Is Laughing At Antonio Brown!

Antonio Brown has made headlines once again after he was extremely proud about being an owner of an indoor football league team. The only problem is that his happiness came to a grinding halt after the recent news hit social media… has learned that former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown’s Arena Football League team, the Albany Empire, has explode into chaos after payroll suddenly stopped over a week ago.

The Times Union report:

The Empire is currently looking for new coaches, suspended several players on the team, and also have a misdemeanor charge being addressed within the team. The report says the team has not sent out paychecks since April 21, which has led to their head coach, Damon Ware, stepping away from the team.

Players such as wide receiver Darius Prince, quarterback Sam Castronova, lineman Brandon Sesay, defensive back Dwayne Hollis, linebacker Nick Haag, and lineman Melvin Hollins were all suspended following an issue on the team bus on their return from North Carolina, the Times Union reported.

Players and coach Ware were not given hotel room keys following a dispute on the bus that stemmed from the team not getting paid on Friday. Police were called to the hotel Monday morning over reports of aggravated harassment.