Tyreek Hill Attorney Issues Open-Letter Denying Allegations to NFL

Tyreek Hill Attorney Issues Open-Letter Denying Allegations to NFL

The Tyreek Hill saga continues now that he’s been suspended by the Chiefs. During the offseason, Hill was under investigation for battery in March for breaking his young son’s arm but was not charged.

Now, Tyreek Hill’s attorney has released an open-letter denying all allegations against him. Read on…

Tyreek Hill Attorney Issues Open-Letter Denying Allegations to NFL

CelebNSports247.com reports that Tyreek Hill’s attorney issued a letter denying all allegations stemming from the recording.

Not to mention, including a direct rebuttal to the implication that Hill was the one who broke their son’s arm. Plus the jaw-dropping 911 call that surfaced the following day.

During one of his games, Tyreek posted this photo of he and his 3-year-old son on the field just weeks before the incident.

He writes:

I love you son ??!!! ?

Get the full report on the suspended Chiefs player Tyreek Hill’s attorney open-letter:

Yahoo’s Terez A. Paylor details the letter in a series of Tweets

The Tweets read as follows:

In Tyreek Hill’s denial letter to the NFL, Hill asserts that the second recording and second report by his fiancee were made during a time when the parties were considering separation and there was a discussion about a custody battle.

Paylor adds:

What’s more, the letter attempts to directly rebut portions of the secret audio conversation between the two that was recorded in a Dubai airport and released by a television news station last week.

For example, in the audio recording, Espinal repeatedly accused Hill — who was suspended from the team shortly after the tape was aired — of breaking their son’s arm.

Hill’s response in the letter, through his attorney:

When their son complained of pain in his arm, he was taken to the hospital and examined…and released without any indication that the accident that broke his arm was caused by Tyreek or contributed to by Tyreek, or that Tyreek was even somehow involved…

He adds:

And as has been reported, that investigation was closed with nothing about the injury to suggest it was anything but an accident. Again, Tyreek has repeatedly denied harming their son.

Read the FULL Open-Letter via ESPN HERE…

The letter also asserts that Hill’s fiancee has been the principal disciplinarian for their son and includes the following text exchange.

Terez points out:

Tyreek: “Crystal you know I didn’t cause any bruising or harm to [our son.] But for some reason I still may be charged.”

Crystal: “I know you didn’t. I did. I hurt [our son.] I’m the one that did it. I was hurt and mad at you so I blamed you for everything.

Paylor goes on to point out:

Hill also categorically denied punching his son in the chest or anywhere on his body “in a mean-spirited manner or as a form of discipline.” He also denied ever grabbing his son’s arms and pulling them aside to strike him.

Tyreek Hill explained it this way:

There have been occasions when Tyreek has tapped his son gently on the chest with his fingers, while his son was crying and said, ‘man up, buddy’ or ‘don’t cry, my man.

The letter states:

He has said that in a calm voice trying to redirect him. He’s never used his fist. He certainly doesn’t do it roughly. He is trying to calm his son down so he can stop crying. He is not hurting him or doing anything to make him cry more.

Terez concludes:

Hill’s attorney did not defend when Hill said: “You should be terrified of me too…dumb bitch.

The attorney writes:

That comment is inexcusable, of course, and he wouldn’t ask me to defend that here.

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