Yasmine Lopez Angry Carmelo Sent Her Same Flowers as His Side Chicks

Yasmine Lopez Angry Carmelo Sent Her Same Flowers as His Side Chicks

Yasmine Lopez Angry Carmelo Sent Her Same Flowers as His Side Chicks!

Carmelo needs his player card revoked for this stupidity. Really Anthony???


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CelebnSports247.com has learned that why Yasmine Lopez was angry with Carmelo via her YouTube channel.

Lopez confirmed that used to date Carmelo Anthony and that on Valentine’s Day, he sent her the same flowers he sent to his numerous side chicks.

WAGS Unfiltered reports:

They posted the video of Yasmine Lopez confirming she dated Carmelo on Instagram with the caption;

#YasmineLopez confirms rumors about dating #CarmeloAnthony and that he sent multiple women the same Valentine’s Day flowers.

Side Note: one of the fans on Yasmine’s YouTube Comments said “ Why are yo bragging about dating Carmelo Anthony when he’s a married man? You weren’t “dating” him. You were his side chick.”

Yasmine replied “ He was divorced when we were dating. God bless you.” Thoughts ? ??? #NBA #LALakers


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Why LaLa Anthony Divorce Carmelo Anthony:

Carmelo Anthony was married to La La Anthony until their breakup in somewhere 2021 via People Magazine;

La La Anthony is opening up about transitioning to the single life after filing for divorce from Carmelo Anthony.

The Power actress, 39, appeared on The Angie Martinez Show Monday, discussing her breakup from the 37-year-old NBA star for the first time — and explaining that she doesn’t believe she’ll get married again. La La and Carmelo tied the knot in 2010, and they share 14-year-old son Kiyan. She filed divorce papers in June, citing irreconcilable differences.

“After you’ve been through what I’ve been through, which was public and really hard, you do start feeling like that and you see how people become jaded and, you know, ‘Maybe it’s not for me.’ But I always want to stay positive,” she said. “Marriage, I don’t think I can do that ever again. I mean, some amazing person would have to come. I don’t see that happening again.”

“But I don’t know what God has in store for me,” continued La La. “I’m just living and taking care of my son, and whatever is supposed to be will be. I don’t try to put too much emphasis on it because then you start accepting anything because you’re like, ‘I don’t wanna be alone so I’m just gonna be with whoever, just have people around.’ I don’t have the time to just have random energy and people around.”

“I want it to be the right thing,” she said.

Sharing what’s helped her heal after the split, La La said “time,” as well as focusing her “passion” for parenting and work — plus therapy, which she says is “helpful.”

The couple had been on and off since first splitting in April 2017. They reunited in late 2018 after their initial separation announcement, but then in July 2019, PEOPLE learned they were living apart as La La sought legal guidance about the relationship.

Ms. Lopez has recently called out Cowboys Trevon Diggs for being a deadbeat dad.

He does absolutely nothing for my son. My child is about to be 1 and he has only seen his father twice for less than 30 minutes. At the end of the day it isn’t even about money.

I much rather him be in his child’s life and be an active father but if he doesn’t that’s on him.

My son is loved unconditionally and doesn’t want or need for anything. The man asks to see me more than his own son and has the nerve to take me to court for JOINT custody.

What a joke? My son doesn’t even know him! When he sees his father he literally screams!

Do you agree that Yasmine should be angry with Carmelo since he sent her the same flowers he sent to all of his side chicks?

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