Dak Prescott: Cowboys NEED to be Unafraid to Go ALL-IN

Dak Prescott: Cowboys NEED to be Unafraid to Go ALL-IN

Dak Prescott: Cowboys NEED to be Unafraid to Go ALL-IN!

It’s being said that Dak Prescott atop of the list as the ultimate draft steal and the best quarterback to come out of the 2016 draft class. So what does this mean? Read on to see why the Cowboys need to be Unafraid to go all in with Dak Prescott

CelebnSports247.com reports for the second straight offseason, the Dallas Cowboys are being faced with the decision on whether to give Dak Prescott his much deserved long-term deal or put him back on a franchise tag.

The Dallas Morning News’ David Moore thinks the franchise would be better off moving on from Dak Prescott rather than using the “nuclear option” of the franchise tag for a second straight year.

Moore explained:

If the gulf remains and the club applies a second franchise tag in early March, the Cowboys must continue moving on from Prescott. Why? A second franchise tag is a nuclear option. If Dallas uses that tag and then is unable to sign Prescott to a long-term deal in July before training camp starts, the quarterback will play this season and then be gone next year in free agency.

The Cowboys have until March 9th to make that decision on Dak.

David Moore thinks:

The Cowboys can’t let it get to that point. If the sides don’t reach an agreement by the March 9 deadline, or aren’t convinced a deal is imminent, the Cowboys must move on and look at jumping into this uncharacteristically unsettled quarterback market and the draft to find a replacement. Again, it’s not the preferred option, but it can’t be ruled out.

Meanwhile, Cowboys legend Troy Aikman told Inside the Star 1310 The Ticket that he wouldn’t rule out the team looking at other options at QB this offseason.

Aikman noted, per Inside the Star:

Well, I wouldn’t rule anything past Jerry. I say that as a compliment. I think he’s always trying to figure out what they can do or how he might be able to do something that will give them a chance. But I don’t see Dak not playing in Dallas… Going back to what we were talking about with Brady and Tampa Bay, it just reiterates the importance of that position.

With the news of Matt Stafford being traded to Rams for Jared Goff this opens up talk about Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. He is on the cusp of a precipice of a long-term deal in Dallas. Dak is also considered one of the league’s most talented passers with the Cowboys leading the NFL in total yards in 2019.

But, Dak could also become the ultimate draft steal from the 2016 draft class.

Bottom line – How the next few months go will have a marked impact on the future of this franchise. Like the Los Angeles Rams, the Cowboys need to be unafraid to go all-in on Dak Prescott.

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