Is Floyd Mayweather Back In The Gym Training For Pacquiao Rematch

Floyd Mayweather Back In The Gym Training For Pac Rematch

have the Boxing Gods answered everyone’s prayers? Could this be true? Do you really think that Floyd Mayweather is back in the gym training for a Manny Pacquiao rematch? Do You Care?

Now that Manny Pacquiao beat Keith Thurman, the only thing that fans want is a Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao rematch, but will he come out of retirement? Read on…


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A post shared by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) on has been hearing chatter that Manny Pacquiao has no problem at 40-years-old stepping back in the ring. The question is, “will Floyd Mayweather fight another REAL boxer” or will he continue to try to land another UFC vs Boxer fight against Khabib?

These days it seems that Floyd Mayweather is taking the entertainment route and going for the insane money since he has an extravagant lifestyle he is living on social media to his many “friends,” opps we mean fans.

Anyways, Here is what we are hearing:

Manny Pacquiao looked to be in his best condition fighting against Keith Thurman proving 40 is just a number. Keith may have lost but he kept it professional.

There have been more recent talk along these lines, due to how the 42-year-old has been hitting the boxing gym and posting it on social media. Despite plenty of talk from those close to Floyd that says, nah, there will be no more fights; not with Pacquiao or with anyone else, fans continue to convince themselves that Mayweather will indeed return – and that it will be against Pacquiao.

Right now, there two other fighters calling for a return fight with the new WBA welterweight champ: Jeff Horn and Thurman. Horn caused the big shock when he took a controversial decision over Manny in Oz a couple of summers ago, and he wants a second big fight with the all-time great. Thurman, who initially seemed to accept his loss to Pacquiao, is now insisting be deserved a draw and is calling for the rematch.

While Pacquiao continues to build his legacy of greatness, Mayweather is becoming part of boxing history and sort of a showboat on social media with his continual “look what I can buy” posts.

You ever know, Floyd may just say yes especially since he has been posting photos of his fight with Pac.

While things look slim for a Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch, Floyd has been firing back and wanted to point out some FACTS:

Pacquiao, if he had his choice, he would take a Mayweather rematch as quickly as he can still throw a punch, but as usual Floyd will call the shots.

We will see if this comes true or its just another rouse. Do you think that Pac has been baiting Floyd all along?

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