Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Boxing Match Postponed

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Boxing Match Postponed

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Boxing Match Postponed!

It’s official, the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul boxing match has been postponed, according to a Mayweather spokesperson. Read on for more about why Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul postponed…


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CelebnSports247.com reports that a Mayweather spokesperson says that the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul has been postponed because of “COVID and other things.”

We don’t blame Floyd Mayweather, he’s not trying to put himself at risk for a check.

Anyways, TMZ reports that the source wouldn’t elaborate on the COVID situation – but told us both Floyd and Logan are actively working on rescheduling the fight as soon as possible.

The original fight — an exhibition — was set for February 20th, a Pay-Per-View event put on by celebrity custom video platform, Fanmio.

Because the fight was touted as an exhibition, it would not count on either fighter’s professional record.
Unclear if the fighters will pursue other boxing opportunities while they work on rescheduling this event.
As we previously reported, the fight had been in the works for a while — but the 2 sides made it official in December 2020.

Despite having an 0-1 record as a pro, 25-year-old Logan was supremely confident he could put a hurtin’ on the 43-year-old legend.

Floyd is 50-0 and widely considered one of the greatest boxers of all-time.

Dana White recently, who guaranteed Logan Paul would get destroyed.

He added:

This is gonna be such a 10-sided ridiculous ass-whooping, it’s not even gonna be funny.

Paul has been doing the most to get a fight and he’s been warned and hated by real pro boxers.

What do you think about Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul’s boxing match getting postponed?

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