Kellen Winslow: Prosecutors Seeking Full 18-Year Sentence

Kellen Winslow: Prosecutors Seeking Full 18-Year Sentence

Kellen Winslow: Prosecutors Seeking Full 18-Year Sentence!!!

Former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. pleaded guilty back in November 2019 to raping an unconscious teen and sexual battery involving a 54-year-old woman.

Now, his shocking admission has prosecutors seeking full 18-Year Sentence. Read on for more about Kellen Winslow sentence… reports in exchange for his plea, the court agreed to sentence him to between 12 and 18 years in prison.

Well, the original agreement has drastically changed and a San Diego prosecutor is seeking the maximum 18-year sentence to be imposed on the former tight end, according to USA Today.

The paper had this to say about Kellen Winslow:

The People strongly urge the court to impose the maximum sentence prescribed by law,” San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Dan Owens wrote.

Owens is reportedly seeking eight years each for the two counts of rape, a year for felony sexual battery and another year for two misdemeanor sex crimes that Winslow pleaded guilty to.

In addition to the facts underlying the crimes themselves, perhaps equally indicative of (Winslow’s) callousness and utter disregard for the safety and well-being of his victims is that (Winslow) committed these attacks despite the fact that he came from a supportive family and had a family of his own,” Owens wrote. “(Winslow) committed these despicable crimes despite being afforded every advantage in life, and he selected victims who came from much less fortunate backgrounds.

Winslow, 36, has been in a maximum-security prison since he pleaded guilty to the charges.

He is in an isolated room with no phone access or personal contact with other inmates,” his attorney, Marc Carlos, wrote in a court filing. “With his brain injuries and being isolated with no phone access to contact his family for support is detrimental to his mental state while awaiting sentencing.

The former Cleveland, Tampa Bay, New England and the New York Jets tight end earned more than $40 million over 10 seasons in the NFL. And he threw it all away. Sad. SMH

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