Orlando Scandrick Has A New 20-Year-Old Girlfriend

Orlando Scandrick Has A New 20-Year-Old Girlfriend

Orlando Scandrick Has A New RUMORED 20-Year-Old Girlfriend!

The mother of his children Draya Michele is apparently old news since Orlando Scandrick reportedly has a new chick, and she’s only 20-years-old. Read on…


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lala Baptiste sure looks like she’s at #drayamichele old house ?? #orlandoscandrick gotta himself a QuarantineBae #gossiptwins

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CelebNSports247.com is shocked and bewildered that Orlando Scandrick is dating a that isn’t even legal to drink.

Social Media can often give clues as to who is hanging out with who. We’re getting the tea spill from out friends at SportsGossip.

33-year-old NFL Free Agent Orlando Scandrick has been said to be quarantining himself and chilling with 20-year-old model Lala Baptiste.

Apparently it all started after Lala posted an IG story of herself in what looks to be Draya Michele’s old kitchen. (above)

Lala Baptiste posted a second instastory that shows her eating at a table with a man who appears to have tattoos on his forearms. We don’t know for certain if it is Orlando. We can say that she would be Orlando’s type.

And to make matters worse, did you notice she is wearing the same lingerie as Draya is. Talk about going 100 after someone else man. This chick has no class, she after the D and the money. #THOT


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Eat your ?? out… Had a blast shooting for @savagexfenty dreams do come true lol? #savagexambassador

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We know from Draya was ranting and alleging that her ex gave away her car to his homie. In addition to that, Draya was the one to move out of the home when she and Orlando split.

And now this?

Now, Orlando Scandrick is basically getting his groove back with a 20-year-old?

Com’on bro, you three kids with Draya, Jru Scandrick, Tatyana Scandrick, Taylor Scandrick

Draya made headlines months ago with the controversial open mouth kiss to her son.

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