Mason Rudolph Started Fight; He Didn’t Like How Garrett Tackled Him

Mason Rudolph Started Fight; He Didn't Like How Garrett Tackled Him

According to sports commentators Steelers quarterback, Mason Rudolph didn’t like the way he was tackled, so he went at Myles Garrett!

This is why we are CALLING out the NFL for suspending Cleveland Brown’ Myles Garrett. No, he wasn’t right for hitting Mason with his own helmet, but let’s be honest, Mason was the aggressor. Read on to see why everyone is saying Mason Rudolph Started Fight… wants to make it clear that we don’t believe in behavior like this on the field, but Steelers QB Mason Rudolph is the one who initiated the fight.

We doubt that Myles Garrett would have hit Mason in the head with his own helmet without good reason. And there is NEVER a good reason for his reaction, but Garrett was clearly PISSED!

like we said, according to the commentators, “Mason Rudolph didn’t like the way he was tackled.” That still doesn’t justify that he NEEDED to attack Garrett.

Does he forget that this happens in football? This is a contact sport and yes, sometimes you get hit hard and thrown down, but that is the game.

Mason’s action was utterly uncalled for, and Myles didn’t deserve to be brutally attacked by Mason and his teammate Maurkice Pouncey who threw punches and kicks towards Garrett.

Since the brawl on the field last night, Myles Garrett has been suspended indefinitely along with two other black players, Larry Ogunjobi and Maurkice Pouncey.  Mason has received a slap on the wrists. The NFL is once again making an example of black NFL players.

Meanwhile, Deion Sanders points out that “Mason Rudolph should be significantly fined as well.”

He writes:

Mason Rudolph should be significantly fined as well for trying to rip @MylesLGarrett helmet off his head which ignited the retaliation. He’s not without fault in the unfortunate matter. This is a physical, emotional game played by men. Let’s not forget that. @nflnetwork #Truth

Sanders also had this to say about Maurkice Pouncey

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