President 45 Says Creepy Joke to Baylor Bears Women’s Team

President 45 Creepy Joke to Baylor Bears Women’s Team

On Monday, The Baylor Bears women’s team visited the White House to celebrate winning the National Championship, and of course, they were greeted with fast food.

Once again Donald Trump proves that he’s a horrible racist President. Read on to see what he did to the Baylor Bears women’s team… is so tired of Trump we just wanna puke. On Monday the Baylor Bears women’s team wasted their time visiting the White House.

President Donald Trump was presented with his very own jersey, he appeared to make a creepy comment towards the Baylor women’s basketball team as they crowded around his desk in the Oval Office.

Trump told the women:

I love those short sleeves. Such beautiful arms. Great definition.

OMG, that was so creepy and the sad part is that President 45 doesn’t get it. Look at all the women’s faces, they were NOT amused by him.

Donald is just wrong for this no matter it being jokingly or not. It’s just Yucky:

To make things look worse on his part he served the athletes McDonald’s? WTF Trump, that is cheap crap food.

Of course, Baylor posted this Tweet thanking the President despite the insults and bad food.

Oh, how with miss Michelle Obama and the healthy food respectful food she served athletes who visited the White House. Funny how Mr. Billionaire is so cheap.

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